How our prices are justified

Before a female or male dog enters reproduction, for our kennel there are the following costs:
* Purchase the animal if it is not our breeding, from a well known breeder abroad
(1500-3000 euros)
* Transport costs (300-1200 euros per person.)
* Medical expenses (vaccines, passports, etc ...) (100-300 euros)

* DNA tests in foreign laboratoratories for every breed, DNA profile, Doppler test, BAER test(Miniatures) etc (400-650 euros)
* At the age after 12 months pattelar luxation exam,hip and elbow x-rays (Amstaffs) (200-250 euros)
If the X-ray results are not positive, the desired animal is withdrawn from reproduction, it is sterilized (500-600 euros) and is given to a good family or stays with us for the rest of its life.
But this practically means that the investment so far has been lost.
In all these, it would be good to add the cost to personal work as from the age of about three months of the animal and lifetime it is necessary to socialize it in public places.
Now that everything is positive, it's training and the participation of the animal in the exhibitions organized both inside Greece and abroad starts.
The cost for each exhibition starts from 30-40 euros. As a result, the cost of participation in at least 10 amounts to 300-400 euros, excluding travel costs, payment of titles acquired but also participation in exhibitions outside Greece.

It now comes into breeding:
- For females:
We find an excellent healthy male morphologically and in character that we believe will help us in our breeding.
*We test her progesterone to know the exact days of breeding (50-250 euros)
* If the male is not owned by us we pay the mating (1000-3000 euros)
* Depending on travel costs, hotel etc, since the stay abroad will be at least 3-5 days. (600-1000 euros)
* If the male is in Greece, the costs are limited.
* Around 28 days after mating is done ultrasound to see if the bitch is pregnant (50-90 euros).
In case she's not pregnant, there is usually free repeat of the mating from the male but we again have the transportation costs.
* It is time to give birth in the presence of a veterinarian. (150-200 euros)
* There is always the possibility of having Cesarean (550-650 euros)
* We send the documents of birth to the Kennel Club of Greece
For Pedigree (birth chart proving puppy purity) (21 euro puppy in Greece and 55 euro for export).
* Before delivery of the puppies at the age of two months and over we cover one or two most common vaccines, nutrition, veterinary examinations and other supplies(microchip etc).
Only the vaccination cost is 30-40 euros per puppy.

WARNING: Because we love what we do, we make sure our puppies go to the right owners who can guarantee them a good quality of life.
That's why we do not sell dogs in factories,living in balconies and in younger ages - in this case we ask parents to come and see them and talk to us.

All puppy owners have to sign a contract with us to ensure all of the above.
The female, if everything goes well, makes 2 or 3 litters in her life and then retires ....
Again, however, training and participation in exhibitions continues. And, of course, assuring her of a good quality of life.

*The price is determined by the quality of the puppy, the titles of the parents and their quality and of course the number of puppies in that particular litter.